Zach Chauvin ERMC Free MX Schools

This free training is ERMC Youth members only (16 yrs and below), one night a week in May and June – Most likely will be Mondays 5pm – 9pm when the tracks are the least busy.

Zach wants no more than 6 riders per night so depending on the number of riders we will be splitting the training nights into groups of similar age/skill levels.

Training will focus on Body Positioning and Technique

If you have more than one rider please fill out this form for each rider.

If you have multiple riders in the family please mention it the comments and we will try and work it so they can be at the same training days – although this might be difficult if one child is on a 50cc small track and one child is on 85cc or a big bike and we will be on the big track that night. 

Which Track does rider normally ride?(Required)

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