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Before Vs. After



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In Before Vs. After

By Cory

Before Vs. After: Wilcox Bodies Ltd.

On 16, Feb 2012 | No Comments | In Before Vs. After | By Cory

Wilcox Bodies Ltd. sought out MediaTeknix to give their website a fresh, new design. Their old website had fallen into a trap that we see all too often: it had become old, stale and obsolete. MediaTeknix worked closely with the staff at Wilcox Bodies Ltd. to come up with a new look and feel which we believe does a much better job of encompassing the professional reputation that Wilcox Bodies Ltd. has established as a company.

Aside from the new design, which we think looks awesome, we also updated the website’s entire back-end inventory management system by changing it’s Classic ASP coding to the new, current PHP. The database was moved from Access to MySQL in order to be upgraded to the latest and greatest technologies. This website will be of great use to Wilcox Bodies Ltd. for many years to come.

Wilcox Bodies Website: Before

Click for a larger view.

Wilcox Bodies Website: After

Click for a larger view.

wilcox-home-after wilcox-interior-after

For more articles about Wilcox Bodies Ltd. see: New Website Launch: Wilcox Bodies Inc.

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